We do many projects to improve the lighting around people’s homes.  This includes installing LED and other forms of lighting in their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, eating areas, stairwells, storage and work areas.  We also do outdoor landscape lighting to beautify your home and improve safety around your home at night.  We install smart switches so […]

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

We install all kinds of electrical devices

Home Remodeling

Electrical Remodeling

We can help you redo the wiring in your home and make sure all of your appliances and electrical devices are safe.  If your home as been effected by fire, flood, or other disasters we can evaluate your electrical system to see what needs to be done with it.



We can handle all of your wiring needs.  Our electricians are licensed with the state of California and do great work!


Are you having an electrical problem?  Let us troubleshoot it for you.  Our team of licensed electricians and experts at troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems.

Solar Installation

Want to cut your electric bill?  The state of CA is offering incentives for installing solar panels on your home and our team of licensed electricians can do a great job installing it for you!